Brat Brigide

In Scottish pagan tradition, the goddess known as Brighid is closely associated with the Winter Hag goddess known as the Cailleach. As the crone of winter collects the last of her firewood and retreats to her abode beneath the earth, the goddess of the dawning light and the warm hearth fires emerges once again, bringing the promise of spring.

Both goddesses are powerful feminine divinities and archetypes that illustrate the sacred cycle of the seasons and the renewal of life. While these figures come to us from ancient Celtic mythology, their symbolism rings true across the ages and across cultures and geographic divides. In this digital art print, the Cailleach is seen as a protective matriarch watching over an infant version of the goddess, resembling the brideog or “biddy” figures Scottish families would place in their homes to welcome the goddess on her feast day, La Fheil Bride (also known in neo-pagan traditions as Imbolc, on February 1st).

This 8″ x 10″ original art print is on premium, archival-quality matte paper and comes framed as shown. The frame includes a stand, which makes it ideal for placing upright on an altar, bookshelf or table.



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