It Begins in the Void Time

Greetings, my name is Sara, and welcome to the blog for Flying Rowan Healing Arts. While I would like to explain succinctly what this site is about, and what you can expect from this blog, a bit of an aside is necessary. Allow me to spend some time to discuss what I like to call the Void Time.

In the beginning…

So goes the Judaeo-Christian creation story that has dominated the western mythos for two millennia. From the velvet darkness of nothingness emerges all that we know. Yet of course this concept is not unique to this story, and is a common thread across many traditions. It is a logical conclusion, since we all emerge from the nothingness of pre-existence in the womb into the clamor and chaos of life.

So, too, must an idea gestate in the dark before it can emerge. What better time to allow a nascent concept to form than during this time of year, during the liminal period between Fall and Winter, when the leaves of the previous season are falling and forming the compost that will nurture and feed the coming generation of green life?

The Moon nymph
*oil on canvas laid on board
*76 x 51 cm
*signed b.r.: FALERO / PARIS 1883

As I write, it is early in the afternoon here in the Puget Sound region, yet the sun is already edging lower toward the horizon. In two hours’ time it will begin to get dark. During this rare break in the weather at this time of year, it is possible to appreciate the sun’s warmth more than ever, knowing that it will increasingly diminish over the weeks and months to come.

Yet as much as the light is so treasured, I know that there is value in the dark to come…the balance in polarity is needed, after all. Whether I feel ready or not, the Void Time awaits, with all its challenges, ordeals–and potential gifts.

Flying Rowan Healing Arts is a creative and collaborative endeavor that is beginning to emerge, beginning first as a series of dreams, and then conversations with the land, and now into something that finally feels a bit more concrete. It has already existed for some time in the Void. Yet now that the season of the Void is upon us, I feel like what has so far only been an abstraction is starting to make itself known in more detail.

So, again…who am I, and what is this site and this work all about? Here’s a bit of an overview, although things are still very much forming and shifting as things do while they are still percolating in the realm of ideas:

  • It involves the creative expression of visual art in the form of drawings, paintings and more. It also involves the use of divination, poetry and other manifestations of the written word.
  • Physical materia from the natural world, including herbs and stones, are incorporated into charms, spell kits and herbal blends with respect given to these potent allies, with the intent to bring benefit to all.
  • This work is inspired by the energy in the land itself and by the awen, the original source of inspiration that permeates all things, and from the Celtic mythos- in particular, the ogham alphabet system and the symbolism of trees.
  • The work is intended to heal the psychic rift that most of us feel these days, under the illusion that we are separate from nature. ¬†Through the use of magical symbolism and practical application in a co-creative fashion, the hope is to restore a sense of connection to natural world in a supportive way.

As for me, I am simply a witch and a mom who has felt called to create artwork and make magic a part of my everyday life. I have always felt inspired by nature, and my most profound childhood memories revolve around experiences of looking up at the night sky or marveling at a field of golden poppies.

If you are looking for artwork that will inspire, uplift and enchant, or would like to learn more about how to forge a meaningful connection with the nonhuman world, I am hopeful that this site and my services will be of some interest and assistance.

So, venture with me now into the Void. What will you see peering back when you look into the inky darkness that is the Mystery itself?

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