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Seeking clarity? An Ogham reading may help!

I will offer readings using Ogham (also referred to at times as the ‘Celtic Tree Alphabet’)
to help answer any questions you may have regarding career, health, family, relationships
and any other matters you may wish to gain more insight with. First 5 minutes are free!

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Gift Cards

An enriching gift for a friend or a family member!
When you buy a gift card, you get a Free Ogham Reading!

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Magical Doorway to Spell Kits, Herbal Mixes, Essential Oils, Ogham Readings & Artwork!

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Contact Me

Get in touch if you want to schedule a skype Ogham reading, or if you have some questions regarding the products.

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About Ogham

Ogham is an early medieval alphabet that was used to write the primitive Irish language between the 1st and 9th centuries C.E. It is known to us mainly from carved stone fragments and a handful of obscure manuscripts written in old Irish, making it the earliest written source of the Irish language. The name “ogham” is derived from the name ‘Ogma’, the Celtic god of eloquence and literacy. Interestingly, the carved letters are read from bottom to top.
Ogham has become associated with trees and the wealth of Celtic tree lore mainly through secondary medieval sources. The alphabet itself only scratches the surface of the rich knowledge and folklore that the ancient Celts associated with various trees, which indicates that they felt a deep affinity for and connection with these plant beings.
In readings, staves marked with letters from the ogham alphabet are used for a variety of divinatory purposes. Each letter is said to have a number of spiritual and magical meanings that can add depth a reading or illuminate a particular subject of interest.

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