Let me entertain you with Ogham stories and my personal updates & events.

Seeking clarity? An Ogham reading may help!

I will offer readings using Ogham (also referred to at times as the ‘Celtic Tree Alphabet’)
to help answer any questions you may have regarding career, health, family, relationships
and any other matters you may wish to gain more insight with. First 5 minutes are free!

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Gift Cards

An enriching gift for a friend or a family member!
When you buy a gift card, you get a Free Ogham Reading!

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Magical Doorway to Spell Kits, Herbal Mixes, Essential Oils, Ogham Readings & Artwork!

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Contact Me

Get in touch if you want to schedule a skype Ogham reading, or if you have some questions regarding the products.

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About Ogham

Ogham is an early medieval alphabet that was used to write the primitive Irish language between the 1st and 9th centuries C.E. It is known to us mainly from carved stone fragments and a handful of obscure manuscripts written in old Irish, making it the earliest written source of the Irish language. The name “ogham” is derived from the name ‘Ogma’, the Celtic god of eloquence and literacy. Interestingly, the carved letters are read from bottom to top.
Ogham has become associated with trees and the wealth of Celtic tree lore mainly through secondary medieval sources. The alphabet itself only scratches the surface of the rich knowledge and folklore that the ancient Celts associated with various trees, which indicates that they felt a deep affinity for and connection with these plant beings.
In readings, staves marked with letters from the ogham alphabet are used for a variety of divinatory purposes. Each letter is said to have a number of spiritual and magical meanings that can add depth a reading or illuminate a particular subject of interest.

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Ogham Readings with Sara Olwen

Finding our life path and embracing our potential can be difficult when we are separated from our source of vitality
and are told that we should be something other than our authentic selves. Many of us have a deep longing to connect with the natural world
and something bigger than ourselves, and we often feel the need for some clarity and direction toward reaching our goals.
This inner quest is what spurs our growth and spiritual evolution. You can find ways to integrate all parts of your sacred self
and discover ways of working toward your highest potential.
An ogham reading with Sara Olwen can provide you with a sense of direction or guidance, as well as illuminate ways that you can connect
with your best self or find allies that are willing to help you along the way. By connecting with the wisdom of the trees, we tap into a spiritual
network of ancient beings that can nurture us and counsel us along our individual paths.
This type of psychic consultation uses the ogham tree alphabet as an oracle for divining life path queries or to connect with potential spirit allies

Using the ogham, Sara will:

Attempt to understand some of the foundational issues in your life or at the root of the problem
Connect with her guides and the spirits of the trees
Offer potential solutions or advice the querent may wish to follow
Reveal hidden gifts and talents, along with spiritual allies that are available to help develop these.


  • 10-minute: $15
  • 30-minute: $45

Email me at saraolwen@gmail.com to arrange a Skype meeting today,
or visit me at the following events:
Emerald Spiral Expo
March 23, 2019
9am – 5pm
Kent Commons, Kent, WA

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Artwork by Sara Olwen

My drawings and paintings are the result of years of delving into the Otherworld for inspiration, and are derived from both my own personal gnosis as well as folkloric and historic research into traditional lore. Through my art, I wish to bring back a sense of enchantment to a world that has grown too calcified with materialistic and rational worldviews.

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FlyingRowan Sara Olwen

About – Sara

Sara grew up being the odd child who spent her free time wandering outdoors, doodling animals and learning the scientific names of plants. She is now a witch and artist who specializes in ogham and the faery faith tradition. She has worked closely within these animistic spiritual paths for the past 15 years, and has been creating artwork for as long as she can remember.
She currently lives in the Pacific Northwest with her super techie husband and her small child. She is proud to be a member of the Puget Sound pagan and magical community. In the more mundane world, she studied as an illustrator and digital artist at Otis College of Art & Design. She also has extensive experience as a writer and narrative game designer. In her free time she can be found tending to her garden, making magical elixirs and making homemade meals with love and care.
More information about Sara and her work can be found throughout this site representing her personal and collaborative work as a part of Flying Rowan Healing Arts.
Artist’s Statement
It is my belief that much of what ails us as a society, and as a species, is the false belief that we are separate from nature. Too many of us have forgotten that we are but one human animal in the larger biosphere with our own part to play- not the dominant species that we have come to view ourselves as. My work hopes to recontextualize humanity and reframe our experiences as being part of this greater whole, not to diminish human potential or imagination, but to set it free from the isolating and self-harming mindset that we alone are sentient beings.
If you share this belief and are interested in magical, co-creative work, I would love to hear from you. It is my goal through this site and with Flying Rowan as a whole to collaborate with witches, artists, poets and seers of all stripes to help bring together a vision of a world that is no longer under the spell of disenchantment and to replace it with one that engages us to work in tandem with the non-human world.
For all inquiries, please email: saraolwen@gmail.com

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